Simplify the basics to Standardize Success


5S Friday is an interactive, tw0-hour workshop that focuses on closing out your current week and entering your next workweek from a position of strength and confidence. The workshop provides you with the tools to proactively manage your work space, projects, and repetitive tasks. When applied consistently, 5S Friday can help you increase your work performance and optimize your time. 

We believe that by simplifying the basics you can standardize the success of your business, career, and personal life.

What to Expect:

Timely Information

Each session will include a short presentation based on information you can use at the current time of the year for your development, growing your team, or streamlining work tasks. These workshops will benefit any professional, manager, or small business owner. 

Learn New Techniques

5S Friday is based off of a proven work flow that will lay a foundation for how you complete your routine and administrative tasks. In the workshop you can build on this foundation by creating a system that is customized to you and your organization’s unique needs. 

Real Time Support

Fight the Friday slump by getting support to your organizing and productivity questions in real time. When you attend multiple sessions you will start to build virtual relationships with other attendees. Having a positive and motivating group will help you get your tasks done so you can actually enjoy your weekend! 

Additional benefits:

Recorded Presentations

While the workshop is not recorded to protect the privacy of our members, the training will be recorded and available for at least two weeks along with any handouts or printables. 

Private Facebook Group

Continue the conversation or ask additional questions in the 5S Fridays Facebook Group. 

Discounts & Specials

As an active member in 5S Friday you will receive periodic discounts off the Paper & Progress or Lean Into HR offerings including additional career trainings.


Register for an Event

5S Friday Workshops are held weekly from 2-4pm EST (11-1pm PST). You do not need to be at the full session to benefit, and you will receive a replay with your monthly membership. 

Connect WIth ZOOM

All of our Workshops are held in Zoom. This allows you to freely share information and provides the option of connecting with your computer or dialing in to the call. 

Bring Questions & TO -Dos

Feel free to bring your list of questions, and your to-do list items. This time is meant for you to dive into your administrative and routine tasks to close out the current week. You may find it’s best to keep the group on mute or to enter and exit the Zoom meeting as you need help and support. 

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