Jul 14 2022

Friday Workbox Refresh 7-10pm EST

Start or Refresh your Friday Workbox & Business Task Lists!

This workshop is a great opportunity to set-up or refresh your Friday Workbox* and to get ahead on your administrative type work tasks. You can use this time to focus on any type of “work” be it your full time job, a side hustle, a new business, volunteer, or even your home/personal tasks.

*The Friday Workbox is licensed through Organize 365. You do not need a workbox to attend this event but you will not be able to see any copyrighted materials.

If you need to purchase a Workbox, please contact me at for my referral link which will give you $25 off the price of this workshop! 

Why a Retreat? 

Retreats make everything better! Even the word “retreat” sounds a lot better than “sorting paper.” While it would be great to do it in person, a virtual retreat allows you to work from the comfort of your office with all the files, supplies, and items you need. You can also step away in case of an emergency and it also does not pose a strong interruption to your day. Don’t worry, you will still get the personalized coaching, energy to keep you motivated, and accountability to keep you going.

At the end of our time you will be set up for quarter and have your physical and digital work environment supporting your goals and objectives.

What is Included: 

  • 3 hours of professional coaching. As an HR professional and certified All Paper and Workbox organizer, I am able to help you create the perfect solutions and balance that you need as you manage your career, work expectations, and day to day life.


  • Get Ahead Bundle:  The Get Ahead Bundle is the best value if you are looking to make substantial progress to your organizing goals. For an additional $30 ($95 dollars total with the cost of the retreat), you will receive:
    • A month of the Paper & Planning Co-working sessions which are designed to help support any planning, paper, or administrative task completion in a safe, small group setting. The Tuesday sessions are offered from 9:30am-12pm and 8-9:30pm EST. The Wednesday sessions are offered from 9:30am-12pm; 1pm-3pm; and 9pm-11pm EST.
    • $10 coupon for a future workshop, retreat, or training


What Type of Paper or Material Will Be Addressed:

The beauty of a virtual retreat is that it’s 100% customized to you and your needs. Depending on the participants we could cover a wide variety of topics in the group and you can also send me personal chat questions if you have a private matter.

In the past participants have worked on: finalizing their quarterly goals; setting up their calendars; sorting through paper; setting up their Friday Workboxes (sold separate); clearing their workspace; and focusing on personal goals and tasks such as Annual Performance Reviews or Tax prep.

What About Digital Clutter:

We have support for you too! I recommend Trello and Google Drive to people who are new to online and virtual organization, but I have worked in a variety of platforms and will be able to help during the worktimes.

What Should I Do Before the Retreat? 

You will receive an email with the recommended supplies and action steps. You can do as much prep work as you would like or you can do everything the day of. The supplies can be easily sourced from around your home or with a quick trip to the Dollar Tree.

Additional Questions:

Feel free to contact me at or call/text 217-255-3122.




Local Time

  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore
  • Date: Jun 11 2022 - Jul 15 2022
Our time: 5:30pm EDT