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Sunday Basket

The Sunday Basket System helps you organize your actionable papers and to do lists while saving you time and reducing stress throughout the week

The Sunday Basket System was designed by Lisa Woodruff at Organize365. The concept of having a basket for all your actionable paper and  to-do lists may seem simple on the surface, but it can be truly life saving. Imagine the freedom you would feel if your upcoming week was planned out to address all your goals and priorities; your home was prepped to support you in your pursuits, and you knew where all of your actionable items were located just in case something pops up. It would be amazing, right? 

The Sunday Basket System makes this lifestyle possible. What is even better is that you can use the time spent prepping for that week in an interactive community of like-minded individuals providing you an opportunity to meet new friends, hold yourself accountable, and get support when you need it. I hope you will take the leap and treat yourself to a Sunday Basket Workshop. 

Sunday Basket Services


Sunday Basket System

The Sunday Basket is made up of  a box in the color of your choice, 1.0 and 2.0 Slash Pockets, and printables. It can be purchased from Organize 365 for $97.  I do offer additional slash pockets for purchase at the workshops.


Sunday Basket Workshops

Any task is better with friends!  Come join in on a Paper & Progress Sunday Basket Workshop. These virtual workshops are 75 minutes long and occur on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons each month. The first Sunday of the month is Super Sunday! 

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Individual and Group Trainings

Are you thinking the Sunday Basket training would be great for your friends or family members to go through with you? Would you like individualized help in setting up your own Sunday Basket? Then contact me to discuss custom training options to meet your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a Sunday Basket does make it easier to follow along with Lisa’s coloring structure and it is a nice way to keep your paper, but you do not need to purchase the basket. 

While I do receive a commission on the sale of a Sunday Basket System, I found it was better for my customers to purchase directly from Organize 365 to take advantage of the current gifts offered by Organize 365 to their customers.  I prefer to focus on helping you with the organizing and productivity training instead of the sales. 

Virtual Sunday Basket Workshops are $10 each. 

The large group workshops are hosted through Zoom. You can schedule a personal workshop that can be done virtually or in-person. Per our licensing agreement workshops are not recorded. 

Yes you must register for the workshop up to 1 hour before. 

Currently the workshop is capped at 30 participants however the number of participants can vary greatly. Even if you are the only person  to register, we will have the workshop. 

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