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Friday Workbox

The Friday Workbox System streamlines the paperwork and projects associated with your career and volunteer work. 

The Friday Workbox System is based on the idea of taking an hour or so on Friday afternoons to plan and organize the week ahead. By spending this time, you can clear your mind for the weekend knowing you have confirmed the next week’s appointments, left your workspace in order, and are making progress towards your goals. 

When you purchase a Friday Workbox through Paper & Progress you are entitled to a 45 minute 1-on-1 virtual training to set up your box or you can choose to participate in two of our Friday Workbox Live Sessions. 

The Friday Workbox also pairs well with our 5S Friday Weekly Workshops. 

Friday Workbox Services

Corporate Friday Box

Friday Workbox Systems

The Friday Workbox System includes slash pockets, a playbook, and a Sunday Basket Box in your choice of colors. Paper & Progress currently offers the Corporate, Entrepreneur, Professional Organizer, Direct Sales, & Volunteer Workboxes. You may purchase directly from Paper & Progress by following the link below or you may choose to purchase the Workbox from Organize 365  (recommended) & purchase the training for $30 from Paper & Progress.

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Friday Workbox Training

When you purchase a Workbox thru Paper & Progress you are entitled to a 45 minute 1-on-1 virtual training to set up your box or you can choose to participate in two of our Friday Workbox Live Sessions for free. 






5S Fridays!

5S Fridays is a unique, virtual workshop hosted by Paper & Progress. It is based on the Lean 5S methodology of Sort, Set, Shine, Sustain, & Standardize. Achieve progress in your career and  finish your week strong! 



Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in the playbook you can purchase an additional playbook for $75. Please contact us for this option as proof of a Friday Workbox purchase is required. If you want the full system it is cheaper to buy the set then to piece out the slash pockets, box, and playbook.

Yes! You are welcome to purchase a Workbox from Organize 365. If you would like to do the 1-on-1 training you can purchase this for $30 from us. 

If you are a follower of Organize 365, it is recommended you purchase the Workbox from them. Paper & Progress is not in the business of selling Workboxes and we do not receive any substantial commission by doing so. Therefore, we prefer if you purchase directly from Organize 365 so you are sure to the get the color you like, a credit to a future purchase of All Access, and any additional giveaways or offers they promote. You will also be entered into their Friday Workbox Facebook Group.

Friday Workbox Live workshops do require proof of purchase as it is based on the intellectual property of Organize365. 
The 5S Fridays is not connected to the Friday Workbox so you are welcome to join those sessions. 

Yes! As part of our Full Service paper organizing we can set up your Workbox and create a custom checklist for your weekly action items. Please contact us for more information. 

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