Six Steps to Get Ahead of Q2

Imagine you had to swim across a reasonably large body of water and in order to protect your livelihood and fast track your “success” you only had to reach the other side before your competitor did. Now you are a very decent swimmer, you have the work ethic and the talents to confidently make it […]

Paper Storms

There is a crazy amount of snow outside as I write this post. Now granted I live in Northwest Ohio so we are no strangers to snow and occasionally will get heavier storms coming off of Lake Erie, but we rarely get snowstorms where so much snow falls in such a short span of time […]

Labor Day Weekend-For Laboring?

Labor Day weekend is the monumental ending of summer and the beginning of fall. It’s also the start of your most productive time of year at home and work. While it is 100% essential you make time for your family, perhaps you would better be served by taking care of home tasks as a family […]

Home Technology Audit

As you start to understand how your home office will look for the next few months in terms of working and learning from home, it is a great time to assess your electronics to make sure you are ready for fall. Like most industries, the home technology supply chain has been disrupted during the pandemic. […]

Calendars, Planners, Agendas, Oh My!

As the fall season approaches, it’s time to start setting your 2021 goals. With goal setting comesplanning, and a frequent question I have been receiving this month is what tools do I use to planmy week. The very exciting answer…I mainly use a paper planner. Now grant it my planner/calendarneeds to change depending on my […]